E-Cigarette Article from the Telegraph

As usual I'm always keeping an eye on the media and what they have to say about Ecigs and the vaping community. That's how I came across this great article in the Telegraph this week, found here. At first look it really gets to the heart of the debate and is another article in a list that seems to be stepping away from what we'd become used to, the mainstream media helping to propagate the myth that E-Cigarettes are bad for society at large.

Then I read a couple of the very well-informed comments underneath from some of the article's readers and a it did ask some serious questions. These articles never seem to delve into the real issues of the ban on electronic cigarettes. They always mention the two sides to the argument, and the reasoning behind the ban, but they never ask the question, why are these organisations pushing for a ban? What are their true motivations? Many of us in the vaping community who actively oppose the ban already have our opinions on the matter. It's not hard to work out why the major drug companies would want to take Ecigs off the market. They make a lot of money from smokers, and if there is a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, they will see their profits drop.

Whilst I really appreciate that the media isn't now full with articles telling everyone how E-cigarettes will destroy civilization as we know it, it would be great to see the mainstream media get to the heart of the issue and ask the dangerous questions that we'd all like answers to.

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