Diacetyl in Ecigs

Here is an article recently published in the Telegraph online. It is a piece that is not only badly written, but full of half truths and inadequate facts on the presence of Diacetyl in Electronic Cigarettes. It states that a Harvard research team found traces of this chemical in 75% of the E-Liquids they studied over a range of brands. It then goes on to link this substance with the cause of a disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans, or 'popcorn lung'. Here are the issues I have with this article.

At no point have they said whether the amount of Diacetyl was more than barely present or whether the amount actually represented a danger to people's health. They also don't state whether or not they have tested a range of flavours per brand. Diacetyl is present in flavours that a sweet in nature, the vast majority of other flavours have none, or if so the most minute amount. The researchers could have tested only the sweeter flavour of a range of brands, which would give them 'shockingly high' results but proved nothing about the general safety of Ecigs.

Diacetyl in E-Liquid is rarely found in the UK and when it is it is usually removed from sale almost immediately. What this article also FAILS to mention is that the levels the workers who contracted Popcorn lung were exposed to were several times higher and at a much larger scale than any you may or may not find in E-Liquid. It is also worth pointing out that Diacetyl is present, not only in tobacco cigarette smoke, but also a vast range of other foods and treats that we consume on a regular basis, and sometimes in much higher levels.

It would be nice of writers to check their facts before blindly writing out whatever they think will sell papers. What you write does actually affect people's livelihoods and in some cases lives.

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