Customer of the Month - Richard W

Customer of the Month Questionnaire


What is your name?

Richard W

How long have you been vaping and how long have you been using Volcano?

12 weeks, and I’ve been using Volcano juices for 10 weeks, and their devices for 8.

What products do you currently use?

A Lavatube II and 7 ml Tube Tanks.

What’s your favourite product from Volcano?

The above. It’s an awesome piece of kit.

What are your favourite Volcano flavours?

Menthol Burst, Cherry Lava, and Pineapple. My favourite is Menthol with a few drops of Cherry Lava – a perfect combo.

When did you decide to become a vaper, and how has it changed your life?

It’s my 40th earlier this year, including kicking a 19 year 20+ red Marlboro a day habit. And I have to say, vaping has changed my life for the better. Firstly, and from a physical point of view, no more hacking cough, a much larger lung capacity, no more tar stained fingers or teeth, and a new and acute sense of smell and taste. I feel much fitter and healthier, and can train harder and for longer. As a result I’ve lost a load of weight, which I know isn’t always the case for most smokers giving up the fags. And on a personal note……whilst I’ve never had any problems in the ‘trouser department’ – I can happily report increased performance down there (especially in the morning). Good job I’m booked in for ‘the snip’. in November, and with that landmark looming I decided to make a few important life changes

Secondly, and from a mental point of view, I feel good about myself, and the support and congratulations of friends and family reinforces that. I always smile to myself when I go to the supermarket and don’t feel compelled to buy a box of 20!

Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation? 

No. This is my first attempt at giving up the smokes, and as far as I am concerned they are kicked for good. Vaping is such a good alternative and I have no desire whatsoever to go back. I can’t vouch for alternatives such as patches or lozenges as I’ve never tried them.

How much money do you think you’ve saved by taking up vaping instead of smoking? Do you do anything interesting with the extra money?

A lot. 30ml of juice cost £15 and lasts me approx. 10 days. Last time I looked a pack of 20 Reds was £8.40. The kids spend the spare cash, whether I like it or not!

What are your goals with vaping? Do you plan to quit altogether or remain a vaper?

I’m a very happy vaper, and very content with my new status quo. Therefore, no plans to change that at the moment, but you never know…

What would you say to people thinking about making the switch to vaping?

Give it a shot, as you have nothing to lose. If you can cut 1, 2, 10, or all of your traditional cigarette intake then you are making a change for the good. Hopefully the benefits I have seen are testament to that.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I can thoroughly recommend Volcano. I’ve tried a number of e-cigs over the last 3 months, but I can’t improve on the vape from a Lavatube and Tube Tank. Great products and first class customer service.

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