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    Click the image to see our brand new sale until the 6th of September.

    This week we see some amazing offers like more reduced Inferno kits and now our entire LavaLine E-Liquid (Vesuvius, Diamond Head, Fuji and Grimvotn) at a great price!

  • 3rd Sale Week

    New week and new sales for you to get your hands on!

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  • 2nd Sale Week

    Our second week of sales is currently ongoing until Friday the 19th of August. Our third week will start on Saturday the 20th so keep your eyes peeled.

    This week is our Green week, take a look at what you can get your hands on.

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  • Flavour of the Month - Kona Coffee

    This month's top flavour is Kona Coffee. When you need a pick me up in your E-Cigarette in the morning, this is just perfect. It mirrors the wonderful blend found only in Hawaiian coffee, smoky, deep and rich in texture and flavour. Fancy a change this month? Then pick up a bottle and get vaping!

  • New Flavour of the Month

    Take a look at our brand new Flavour of the Month. RY-4 is the first ever flavour made for vaping and now we bring it to you at a great price. It's an interest take on the tobacco flavour for your e-cig, some love it and some hate it but it's definitely worth a try just in case you fall in love with it.

  • Flavour of the Month - Coo Coo Coconut

    We now have a brand new Flavour of the Month, and we're all going coo coo about it. It's one of our best sellers, Coo Coo Coconut, a great taste to relax with as Spring rapidly approaches. It's a mild flavour, but one that will play on your tongue with the tropical taste of a Caribbean coconut. Vape away, and imagine you're lost on a deserted island this coming April, you'll be ready for that summer holiday in no time.

    Check it out for a special price now:

  • Flavour of the Month

    Our Flavour of the Month at the moment is Bluewater Punch. Straight from the Hawaiian Islands it's a wonderfully mellow taste that could almost make you believe you were sipping a cocktail, chilling out on some beautiful, tropical paradise. Whether you're on a busy tube, bustling to work or sitting at home, let Bluewater Punch transport you away from your cares and worries.


  • The EU Tobacco Products Directive

    How the European legislation is expected to affect the Electronic Cigarette business

    You have probably heard that the bureaucratic machine in Brussels has finally decided to lump e-cigarettes (e-cigs) into its latest Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), thus regulating them officially for the first time. So what does this mean for the ecig industry? Is it an opportunity or a threat? Sadly rather more of the latter than the former, unless you are part of Big Tobacco, so here is some background and an outline of the proposals and how and when they may be implemented.

    Until now ecigs have been regulated by general trading standards regulation as they are not medicines, despite the attempts to have them classified as such, or a tobacco product, or at least not in a way that such a classification has always meant to apply. However the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the tobacco industry, with their enormous resources for political lobbying and PR, have prevailed in Brussels to include ecigs in EU tobacco legislation so that they will be specifically regulated for the first time.

    A ‘Directive’ is a method of controlling legislation across the EU by laying down certain end results that must be achieved in every Member State; it is effectively a pan-EU law that all countries must obey. Once in place each EU country must duplicate the legislation; a country may introduce stricter laws in this process, but not laws that are more lax or more permissive.

    All sales and marketing of tobacco in the EU are controlled by the Tobacco Products Directive, which is the core regulatory instrument for these products. This directive controls what products may be sold, how they may be sold, and how they may be marketed in the EU. No EU country can sell or market tobacco-related products unless as regulated by the TPD.

    The TPD, as it pertains to ecigs, is an unfortunate mish-mash of ill-thought-out, illogical and irrelevant measures, the end result of which, should they be fully implemented, would effectively be to restrict the ecig market to pre-filled cartridges on cig-a-like batteries.


    The main proposals in essence are:

    • E-liquid to be supplied in refill containers not exceeding 10ml, disposable ecigs or in single use cartridges;
    • Electronic cigarettes and the refill containers must be protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism ensuring leakage free refilling;
    • Cartridges or tanks shall not exceed a volume of 2ml;
    • E-liquid not to contain nicotine in excess of 20mg/ml;
    • Various regulations on quality control and permitted ingredients in e-liquid;
    • Various regulations on labelling and the like;
    • No advertising permitted, as with tobacco cigarettes;
    • No cross-border sales – ie you cannot sell from one EU country to consumers in another;
    • Manufacturers and importers of ecigs to submit full sales data and information on which consumer groups use their products.

    In practice, the following will be banned or probably banned:

    • All currently available refillable products (just about every tank, clearomizer, cartomizer etc)
    • Rebuildable mods and replaceable heads
    • Vari-volt and vari-watt products would be either banned or reduced to a very few models indeed as the testing regime would be enormously expensive.

    E-liquid flavours as such are not banned but the high cost of complying with the regulatory framework under which they must be produced will greatly restrict the number of possible suppliers and the range available.

    It does rather seem that the TPD is designed to protect Big Tobacco’s entry into the ecig market and negate the competition from smaller and innovative newcomers, competition which is severely eroding the conventional tobacco market. The pharmaceutical industry aren’t too worried either, as they make their money from the illnesses caused and exacerbated by smoking, and the largely ineffective smoking cessation products they sell. And who will most likely be looking after the UK’s implementation of the TPD? None other than the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), a QUANGO largely funded by …. the pharmaceutical industry!

    Finally, each national government must pass laws which implement the detail of the Directive, but can be stricter if they wish to, as with the various countries that straightforwardly ban ecigs. Of course in the UK we like to do things properly and then actually abide by the laws which are properly enforced, which is not always the case elsewhere in the EU.

    What is the timetable for all of this? The TPD was passed by the European Parliament in April 2014, came into force on the 20th May 2014, and must now be implemented by law in all of the individual EU countries by the 20th May 2016. There is however a provision for ecigs which delays the relevant articles by six months to the 20th November 2016. And then any ecig products on sale at that date (but not new products introduced afterwards) may continue to be sold until the 20th May 2017.

    Is there any good news? Well not much if this all proceeds as it stands, but I am somewhat sceptical that it will. Regulation of the quality of hardware and e-liquid can only improve the standing of our business and consumer confidence in it, which must be a good thing. But can the detail of the TPD really be implemented? Take the clause specifying the necessity that “Electronic cigarettes and the refill containers are protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism ensuring leakage free refilling”; can that really be drafted in any realistically enforceable way?

    We can but hope that when it actually comes down to drafting enforceable legislation, the difficulties of reconciling the TPD, much of which conflicts with other EU laws and directives, which in reality may well prove a stumbling block. There is every chance that legal challenges will be made to the legislation, although the pockets of those defending the TPD, ie Tobacco and Pharma, are effectively a bottomless pit of money and those who might oppose have limited resources; and in law, of course, money talks. And then our relationship with the EU and its legislative process is not exactly an immovable feast as it currently stands.

    What can you do? Lobby your MPs and MEPs like crazy, because this legislation is crazy, and sign up to the European Free Vaping Initiative ( ) – and get all of your friends and family to do likewise. Look out for and support Trade Associations, and if there is a credible request for crowdfunding of legal action then please donate.

    So watch out for what’s happening, and make sure you are able to give your opinion on what’s happening in the future of your E-Cigarettes.


    Written by Tony Price, Managing Director of Volcano EU

  • New EU Vote on Ecig Ban

    Today marks a great change in attitude by the EU government towards E-Cigarettes. The vote on how much the EU should regulate Ecigs today ended up being a great victory for those who have been campaigning for months (even years in some cases) to keep our Ecigs from fading away. The end result is that E-Liquid will not be classified as a medicine, meaning that strict regulations and taxes will not be placed on strengths and flavours.

    There will be regulations but these will mostly be aimed at advertising and selling to minors, which is not the end of the world. There is also a new regulation on the amount of nicotine allowed in E-Liquid, It is now limited to 30mg. This is quite a large amount so it shouldn't trouble too many of us. The important thing is that the main goal of medicinal classification has been overturned.

    We're still unsure of the full ramifications of today's decision but the outcome is being viewed as a definite positive one by EU vapers. Many campaigners in the UK have been keeping abreast of the situation with the MHRA and their intention to regulate Ecigs as a medicine regardless of the EU vote. We're still unsure if today's events have changed things but hopefully we will soon find out.

    So whilst today has been a triumph we can't relax just yet, especially for us here in the UK. The battle has been won, but the war rages on.

    You can see a brief outline of what happened in the EU here:

  • Possible Australian Ban on Cigarettes

    Whether this is completely true or not still remains to be seen but I've come across a couple of different sources today stating that the Australian government could be thinking about a possible ban on cigarettes in favour of allowing E-Cigarettes if they're found to be a healthier alternative.

    According to The Age National, this ban could happen in 2015 if a study being funded by an NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) project grant proves that Ecigs are the better way to go. Now since this study isn't being funded by the Australian government it can't be verified whether they are seriously considering this tobacco ban but it looks like all the components are there.

    As Australian vapers will know, their government isn't the most tolerant bunch when it comes to ecigs and many vendors have been told they're not allowed to be selling E-cigarettes with any sort of nicotine in. As you can imagine this becomes a bit of a problem for most people interesting in making the switch from analogue cigarettes. So this move would be enough of a U-turn that it may be a slight exaggeration of the actual situation.

    However, if this does prove to be the truth then the news looks hopeful for our Ozzy cousins. Every test has found E-Cigarettes to be safer than conventional cigarettes, so it seems very likely that this test will find the same results. Could this prompt a change in attitude from the government? We can only watch, wait and hope.

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