Children Using E-cigarettes

Recently there have been many articles popping up on the shocking truth about children using E-Cigarettes. At first I was shocked to see such information, and if it was true then there should be something that we as suppliers need to do about it. The last thing that anybody in the Ecig industry wants is to be encouraging nicotine addiction in minors, if anything that is the opposite if what we aspire to do with vaping. It's shocking to see how more and more young children these days are taking up smoking for whatever reason. With that in mind I was struck hard by these 'facts' that were coming forth.

I began to look into this to make sure that what I was seeing was in fact the truth, and made some startling discoveries. I'm not entirely sure where these articles having been getting their data but it seems awfully biased. Their findings don't seem to take into account almost any fact or circumstance, they just sensationalise the situation for good media and to help strengthen the case against Ecigs. It was great to know that things weren't as bad as they had made out but disappointing to see the way the media is still treating vaping as an evil enterprise.

Luckily I stumbled upon the findings of ASH (Action on Smoking and Health), who've done extensive research on this subject. I shan't publish their full report but you can read it here. It basically says that whilst there is a very small percentage of minors who are using E-Cigarettes, they are almost all previous smokers. Despite a large number of children being aware of vaping and what it is, the number of children actually taking advantage of it is minuscule, and even they are exchanging it for a much worse habit for the most part.

Even though there isn't really a problem with minors and Ecigs, at least not nearly as much as with smoking, it's still not something we want to encourage. Yet to look at the problem we see the only people doing anything about it at the moment are the suppliers themselves. At the moment the only reason Ecigs are available to minors is the lack of guidelines from the government. Rather than tackle the issue and ban the sale of Ecigs to minors, the EU and other government bodies would rather spend months arguing over the ban of Ecigs altogether. The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association will not allow any of it's members to market towards children, and most reputable suppliers would never knowingly sell to those who are underage.

So it would seem that once again the media has blown the situation completely our of proportion, and rather than take the time to look at the facts they have made assumptions and taken their findings out of context.

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