Brexit and Vaping

After our referendum we are now trying to work out how life is going to be once we leave the European Union. This is just as important when it comes to our vaping. Vapers, on the whole, were more likely to vote leave or be unsure, mostly due to the EU TPD and the regulations that will be coming into effect very soon. But the big question is, what does leaving the EU really mean for Vaping in the UK?

So us Vapers have been fighting the EU for so long now that no doubt many will be celebrating the move away and hoping for more relaxed and reasonable regulations from the British government. But is that really what we'll get? For now we are still very much a part of the EU, and breaking away and the deciding of what laws to keep and discard will be such a huge task that it will likely take years to accomplish.

Barnaby Page from E-Cig Intelligence had this to say on the subject:

"Sure, it’s conceivable the UK will leave the EU altogether and then decide to repeal the TPD-based regulations, but I certainly wouldn’t pin any hopes on it as it requires a whole series of “ifs” coming to fruition!

It’s also been pointed out, and I think we may have mentioned it in one of our pieces, that revision of the TPD itself could quite possibly come sooner than any UK Brexit-based regulatory reform anyway"


The hope at the moment would be that the UK government would live up to its loose promise of keeping up with the TPD but in a far more relaxed fashion than would usually be expected from the British government. We have seen a big shift in the opinion of the government towards E-Cigarettes since 2010 when they tried to ban it outright, and we have seen a lot of sympathy. So hope is high that we will see far more sensible regulations come into play that will keep the industry thriving.

The key thing here is that there will certainly be regulations on Ecigs, but it is up to us a community to ensure that these regulations are kept sensible and strike the proper balance between safety and innovation. This industry has been calling out for proper regulation for years, and we would happily accept it, so long as it makes sense and is not derived simply to kill it off.

There many thoughts on how to help achieve this. Some say that we should begin lobbying our MPs, take the fight to the government and make our voices heard to achieve our goals. Others say that we already have the lightest tough concerning regulation in Europe and perhaps it would be best not to make too many waves. A great way to show support, however, would be to get involved with advocacy groups such as The New Nicotine Alliance and Vapers in Power.

Whatever comes next I know that the Vaping community will stick together and ride the storm. As a collective we can make sure that vaping is not destroyed by ridiculous government regulations and taxes. We can work together to work for better vaping in the future.

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