BCT Tips and Tricks

With the introduction of our brand new Bottom Coil Tank (BCT), we have a helpful page full of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

- If there is anything wrong with your BCT, or you think that the coil has come to the end of its life, it's always worth washing it our: warm water, preferably soapy but then rinsed thoroughly, and fully wiped and dried. This often cures leaking and extends the life of the coil, But be careful not to lose the clear silicon washer/O-ring in the base!

- Before activating the device, take three or four dry puffs to pull the e-liquid into the coil and prime the device before actually taking a vape on a new coil. Once it's primed press the button and take a long pull to get the most consistent vape possible. Another good tip is to put one drop (one drop only) of e-liquid straight into the head of your new coil before screwing the base onto the filled tank.

- 'Bubbling' and liquid coming up into the mouthpiece could be condensation, or excess e-liquid getting into the coil, or a combination of both. To reduce condensation, take your finger off the activation button a fraction before you stop pulling in from the Inferno and it will clear the vapour in the tube. The coil may be letting in too much e-liquid because the air shaft is not properly seated on top or because it is faulty. Try changing the coil (see the instructional video in our Blog section) and ensuring that the tank is screwed tightly together. And always have a go at taking it apart and washing it (see above). We will of course replace any defective coil and/or if the above doesn't work will send out a replacement tank without delay.

- If, after the first prime, the coil seems dry or with out that much vapor or flavour repeat the priming a few times before continuing to vape. Visually check the holes on the coil for blockage. Most heads will have some of the wick 'poking' out of one or two holes. Other than the wicks, if the holes looks blocked with a silica or rubber looking piece, take a paperclip and push the obstacle up and clear of the hole.

- Also make sure that the coil is tightened all the way down to the base of the BCT tank. Loose coil connections can cause the resistance of the heating element to be higher than it actually is. This can cause the battery to fail to push enough power to the element and thus not vapourize the E-liquid as well as it should leaving behind a kind of concentrate that can taste burnt. In which case wash it out (see above)!

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