Acting and Ecigs

As well as writing the riveting blog posts you're all reading I also tread the boards as an actor around London. So far I've not been in anything worthy of an oscar but hopefully I'll be vaping with my Inferno on Downton Abbey soon enough. Being in the business I've met and networked with actors, directors, producers and backstage workers; and the biggest thing I've come to realise is that there are a lot of smokers in this industry. Perhaps its something to do with the stress of trying to put on a production with a limited budget, never enough time and a constant stream of things going wrong. It's a familiar sight to see an ever-changing group nipping outside to have a quick smoke.

When I first got into vaping myself I saw this as a great opportunity to show my fellow performers the way forward. You have no idea how hard it can be to stand on a stage and project when you're coughing up your lungs thanks to too much smoke. Ecigs seem like a great step forward for the performing community and they seem to take to it like flies to......well you get the idea. It's amazing how it fits in to an actors life so easily; it's so much cheaper, and helps stop the destruction of some of the most important part of an actors body, the lungs. We actors can also be a very decorative lot so when I show people the fantastic colours and designs, as well as the crazy flavours they instantly beg me to tell them where they can get their hands on it.

And it's not just actors but directors too. A director will spend most of their time stuck in a chair....directing. So there's never much time to stop and pop outside without halting the action. With Ecigs they can just puff away from their very comfy directors chair. Not only that but I was recently in a position to help out a theatre company I know with my new-found Ecig knowledge. When you have a character that needs to smoke on stage things can get problematic. First of all you need to have a specific license to do so, and secondly it can get rather smelly for the audience if you're performing in a small studio theatre. The power of Ecigs saved the day and allowed them to portray their 1920's smokers without a worry. Quite frankly I'm surprised Equity (the actors union) haven't released their own brand.

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