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  • London Walking Tours - special offer

    This a little off-topic for our usual posts on Ecigs and vaping, but we wanted to promote a new company that we've become associated with and that we thought might be of interest to our customers, both at home and abroad who might live in or be visiting London and looking for a new experience.

    Introducing The LordPrice London Experience, a London-based business that specialises in fun and historical London walking tours, and games and experiences that you can book for groups and special occasions. They have an ever-expanding list of walking tours that will take you around the city of London and see things you may never have known about. Tours on the Swinging 60s, London's famed Southbank and the statues of London and their stories. These are just the beginning of what they offer.

    As a bonus just for our customers, they are offering 20% off all tours by using the code VOLCANO20 when you book a tour with them.

    Check them out today!

  • Thailand on Smoking

    A recent article from the Independent has detailed Thailand's draconian laws on Vaping. In 2014, Thailand passed legislation that outlawed the importation of Ecigs. They have since expanded this exportation and selling as well. Their legislation means that anyone in possession of an Ecig is technically breaking the law. Most travel agents weren't even aware of this, and e-cigarettes can be seen anywhere throughout the country.

    This is information that needs to be passed on so please forward this to all vapers you know who may be thinking of travelling this way.

  • The Death of Smoking

    Smoking rates in Great Britain have hit a dramatic low, and some would attribute this fall in smokers to the rise of vaping. Only 17.2% of British adults now smoke, which is the lowest it's been in 10 years with record high quitting rates as well. This is fantastic news for those of us who champion vaping as we can see and almost direct correlation between the rise of use in e-cigarettes and the fall in smoking tobacco. Whether we can attribute the fall in smoking entirely to ecigs isn't sure but it's undeniable that they have made a serious impact. Hopefully, this means we will see this figure drop even lower, though with the TPD this drop could be slowed.

    Something of concern is the rise in young people trying vaping, now up to 30% according to ONS data. This is certainly something that the mainstream media routinely trots out and it is something that many of us e-cig vendors do worry about. But, given the lack of evidence from research to support a gateway effect, if this blocks them from progressing from tobacco experimentation into fully-fledged smokers then shouldn't we be happy that they're vaping? Only 20.7% of young people smoked tobacco cigarettes last year, and this represents a drop from five years ago when the rate was up to 25.8%. i would say that this is a good result no matter whether vaping was involved or not.

    Let's hope that as the years go on we see even bigger drops in the number of vaping and people keep either quitting or turning to vaping as a much healthier alternative.

  • Dessert E-Liquid Sale

    What are you giving up for Lent? Even if you're not Christian, many of us use Lent as an excuse to curb those bad and unhealthy habits. Some of you may even have turned to Ecigs during this time of year as a great way to kick smoking. Well, you've done that but now you want to try kicking sugar.

    Just like vaping helped to kick smoking, now it can help to calm that sweet tooth down. Right now at Volcano Ecigs EU, we have our greatest dessert E-Liquids discounted to help get you through this tough and trying time. Choconilla Haze, Sweet tart, Vanilla Bean; give them a try and soon you'll be done with sweets and treats forever.

    Check them out on our handy dessert section right here!

    Good luck, Vapers!

  • Developing Innovative Products in Today's Market

    At the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference at the end of last year, Liam Humberstone, technical director of Totally Wicked, talked us through what it is like developing new and innovative products in this changing legislative environment. This was incredibly interesting both as a supplier and a vaper as it really painted a picture of the past, present and future of where the technology is driving.

    We can see a huge shift in the what is found on the market today compared with what was around in 2008/9. The cig-a-likes used to be the main product that one would see everywhere, that every ordinary vaper was using. Now, however, these devices have been relegated to mere cornershops as the majority of vapers are seen with e-cigarettes like the ego-type or even billowing clouds of vapour from fancier looking devices. There is still a whole range of devices for a wide range of customers, from the enthusiastic hobbyist to the early adopter. So how to we keep that momentum going now that the market is trending towards more advanced technology?

    The industry has been fortunate up until now as the lack of big money meant that we could develop products slightly outside of the current legislation. 2008/9 was like a wild west where anything went and people were even mixing E-Liquids in their bathtubs. Thankfully it is not so wild as that anymore but we are now seeing more control from these regulations and a lot more publicity on what's going on in the vaping community, so now we can't do whatever we want to develop new products. Despite the controlling nature of the regulations, this is really a good thing for a growing industry like ours.

    So what are the true impact of the new regulations to the development of vaping technology? Well, a lot of what they ask for just isn't possible, so we can only hope that they will be more flexible as they begin to come into effect this year. Liam went on to give examples of the regulations that will need to be looked as moving forward. The regulations are asking for tanks to be 100% leak-free. Now that's not completely possible but the industry has been trying to accommodate this and leaps have been made with top fill and air flow technology. Child-proofing isn't a reasonable request with these devices and consumers take a risk when dealing with nicotine products, but we of the industry will do the best we can.

    The fact is that regulations will give consumers less choice, less convenience and more cost. But if we work with the regulators, then we can find a common ground to make sure that we can still develop tech and stay on the right side of those making new regulations. Because, at the end of the day we aren't going to see the end of regulations in the vaping industry and we want to be helping to guide them as they develop. These regulations will improve the safety and mean that we can't be labelled as 'wild west' or 'cowboy' by the media. Liam is of the opinion that innovation won't change much but instead reveal better and better devices for replacing tobacco. Let's hope he is correct.

  • New E-Liquid Mix - Bluewatermelon Mint Smoothie

    Take a few minutes to yourself now and take a break with this week’s E-Liquid Mix of the Week, BlueWatermelon Mint Smoothie for a berry punch e-liquid flavour with a refreshing hint of mint that will surely take the edge off of your busy day.

    Light and fruity flavors can always satisfy, so our talented mixologists were inspired to create an e-liquid flavour that would leave every vaper who tried it incredibly satisfied and much more relaxed after a quick vape session. Combining three customer favourites, they knew they hit the nail on the head with a blend of fruit flavors, sweetened coconut and a touch of mint.

    On inhale, the juicy flavors of blueberries, watermelon and fruit punch envelope your palate. It combines with the nutty taste of ripened coconuts and ends in a fruit-filled minty exhale that lingers long after each puff. The ideal blend of fresh fruits and icy cool mint makes for a great all-day-vape that you’ll surely enjoy vaping away on.

    The Mix

    70% Bluewater Punch

    30% CooCoo Coconut

    2 drops of Menthol Burst

  • ECITA - Investigating the Standardisation Process

    During the conference a few weeks ago we received a an update from Tom Pruen on how ECITA are helping to form the regulations here in the EU and the UK, and how things will develop as time moves forward. For those who don't know ECITA, it is a fairly major organisation in the vaping world and one that receives a great deal of support from the industry. Set up in 2010, ECITA is the longest-running trade association for the electronic cigarette industry in the world. ECITA is run and operated by VKC Regulatory and Scientific Ltd, who aren't engaged in the sale of vaping products, directly or indirectly, which allows them to represent the interests of their members and their customers fairly and fully. They consistently look at the standards of the industry to make sure that electronic cigarettes are seen as a viable, healthier ,and above all, safer alternative to smoking tobacco. They are currently closely involved with the regulatory bodies who are overseeing the TPD and working tirelessly to see that those regulations are fair and practical.

    Tom is the Chief Scientific Officer for ECITA and is working to build the standard model for the vaping industry. He reckons that there is generally a good working collaboration within the industry to set the standards for the future. The problem comes, however, when you look at the changing face of the industry. Opinion, technology and regulations all change so fast when it comes to ecigs that it can be a challenge to stay one step ahead and plan for the future. The E-cig industry is one that attracts regulators due to the way the tech and the liquid is developed and put together, so this cannot be ignored and must be moulded by those who know the real science behind it all. Despite this, Tom is confident about the way things are progressing over here, especially in comparison with the US situation. He seems to think that in the end we will end up with two or three standards for the industry to stick by in terms of safety when it comes to both devices and E-liquids. He is working with the new technical committee put together by CEN European Committee for Standardisation, called the CEN/TC 437, to see this happen.

    When asked where he saw the industry going in the next five years, he surmised that perhaps we would be looking at another round of regulations at some point. If this were the case, then they would be heavily informed by the work being put in by many organisations to keep things both fair and safe. What the industry needs to do now is pull together and work with one another. Petty in-fighting will do nothing but harm us and at such a critical junction that can't be good for anyone.

  • Regulations in the US and the challenges faced

    At the conference last week we were privileged to see a presentation from Mark Keyaha from MadVapes, who came to talk to us about the challenges that the US are currently facing over their own set of regulations from the FDA. One thing that came out of the talk was that we in the EU are actually quite lucky in comparison with our friends across the water. The FDA regulations are making it increasingly difficult to sell, especially as a small company, and Mark had some interesting thoughts on how the industry over there and here would be shaped by what goes on over the next year or so.

    First of all he wondered if perhaps the FDA recognition might not be a good thing for vaping. After all, it could create trust in the product that would help increase sales as more and more people realised they weren't as dangerous as the media likes to make out. The constant flurry of articles in which ecigs are demonised as ticking time bombs, would be countered by the FDA backing them as fully regulated and tested products. Would this increase in trust, and hopefully sales, balance out the huge cost that US companies currently face to get up to a regulation standard?

    He made the argument that, actually, we are lucky over here in that many respected bodies have come out in defence of E-cigs. We can fall back on health claims from organisations such as Public Health England and ASH to help our argument. The US NGO's are always fighting industry, that's always been how they've operated. This means they will constantly back up their anti-vaping stance with disproved studies and stats taken out of context. For instance, there is always the argument that 80% of underage vapers do so with different flavours, proving that having a variety of sweet flavours draws children into electronic cigarettes. That having these flavours is specifically designed to get younger vapers. But if you compare that with the statistic that 85-90% of adult vapers use these flavours as well, suddenly that argument doesn't become as potent. Over in the US they are fighting a war of words, just like we are here, but they are fighting with almost no support.

    He went on to say that perhaps Trump could actually be good for the industry. The controversial President-Elect could be instrumental in pushing through the 'Grandfather Bill'. This is The FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2015 (HR 2058), introduced by Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, that would save the U.S. vaping industry from being destroyed by improper regulations by the FDA. This bill would amend the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act to change the grandfather date for “deemed tobacco products.” This change would allow for most ecig products currently on the market to remain on the market without being subject to the burdensome pre-market FDA approval application process. This will ease the introduction of the FDA's regulations and help the industry stay on its feet.

    When asked how he saw the industry going in the next five years, he said that the landscape would dramatically change but it wouldn't disappear. Rather than a motley collection of small E-Cigarette businesses, we would see the emergence of large, multi-national corporations. These companies would resemble the current tobacco companies with huge resources at their fingertips. Innovation and tech building would move from China to the EU, but the regulations would still lead to  fewer choices and a higher cost. Single stores won't have the ability to manufacture E-Liquid anymore, and third-party liquids would begin to dry up, meaning many vaping stores that don't belong to chains will begin to close down.

    He certainly painted a much more commercial view of the future, only time will tell if it comes to fruition.

  • Next Gen Conference - TPD Implementation

    As the 3rd Annual Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference draws to a close, I have to say that over the two days I've heard some great accounts on what is going on with the E-cigarette and alternative nicotine industries at the moment. Some very well known and highly qualified people have stood before us and presented and discussed the growing innovation, regulation and difficulties that the industry will be coming across as we begin to see the end of a very turbulent year.

    I will write up an account of everything I have heard that I feel will be of interest to the wider vaping community. To begin with I shall write an account of a discussion panel from the first day, on the TPD and its implementation throughout Europe and the UK in the coming months and years. On the panel were; Andrej Kuttruf – Chief Executive Officer, Evapo; Tony Price – Managing Director, Vesuvius Vapor; Charles Hamshaw-Thomas – Head of Corporate and Legal Affairs (Europe), Nicopure Labs.

    The debate was a spirited one that took place over 45 minutes, but I shall condense that into a small article that will broadly touch on some of the points that the speakers made. It is important to remember that these are the opinions of our speakers and not necessarily that of Volcano Ecigs EU.

    They started by discussing how the industry has come a long way in the last few years, and how the wider image has completely changed in the public eye. There seemed to be a view originally that Ecigs were medicinal, something to help someone quit smoking like a patch. Now we begin to see a shift in public perception that electronic cigarettes are a consumer product, something that can be more than a mere tool, something of an accessory like a phone or a piece of jewelry. This validation has been a huge boon to the industry and we have seen large markets opening up around the world, with Germany especially becoming an emerging market with great potential. This validation can be a double-edged sword, however, as now we must control how the wider public views vaping. Back in 2008, E-cig vendors were seen as cowboys and vaping was the wild west. Anything went in terms of liquid and devices with cheap electronics and home-made E-Liquid flooding the market. I think we can all agree that vaping has come a long way since then, better and safer devices are now the norm, liquids are of higher quality, and there is far more stability and trust in the product. Still, the perception can be that vaping is a bit too carefree and hobbyist, and for the industry to grow we need to start to shift away from this. It was also mentioned that, whilst there is a great liking for the eicg, the industry needs a lot more innovation in order to really spread its wings.

    The TPD is rapidly approaching and we have already hit one of the first deadlines, but many vapers don't really know what it all means and how it will affect them. Better education in this regard is certainly needed to curb the panic that many feel, thinking their favourite brands and businesses will be closing up shop suddenly. This first deadline was for the vendors and not the vapers, as paperwork needed to be submitted for the liquids and devices need testing and approving before the next deadline. The next deadline will be 20th of May 2017, where all applications will have needed to be approved in order for vendors to continue selling. Most businesses have been busy getting this sorted, so don't fret as vapers, the industry will still be going strong come May next year.

    This is where we hit another talking point. It was brought up that many have no idea what punishment will be given to vendors who sell outside of the new Article 20 regulations on liquid testing and tank sizes. This query was put to a room full of industry professionals and still no-one was able to answer it. There is the thought that many vendors will simply ignore the May 20th deadline as there is no cost benefit to following the regulations yet. With Brexit looming and that big question still undecided, the government cuts on the civil service, and the mountain of applications that the MHRA will need to trawl through, how long will it be until any action is taken against rule breakers at all? This is certainly a question that will need answering as we move forward.

    It was also pointed out that Brexit will be unlikely to draw the industry out of the TPD turmoil. With the Prime Minister not hoping to action Article 50 until March, there will still be a two year withdrawal where the TPD will need to be enforced. Even then, the British government may wish to stick with the regulations as it will be easier than deciding on new ones during such a turbulent period. This is all in the event that Brexit will even happen, a debate which rages on even now.

    Finally, the regulations themselves were discussed. It was agreed by all on the panel that the regulations themselves are confusing and, in some cases, nonsensical. We in the industry have always agreed that there need to be regulations, however regulating the size of tanks and bottle makes no sense at all. Neither does the regulation that stops E-cig vendors from advertising. When respected bodies such as Public Health England, report that vaping is 95% healthier for you than smoking, why make it harder for smokers to make that switch? Surely the government should be encouraging people to move from one to the other, for the sake of their health? We need to move forward as a united industry to tackle these issues. It was discussed that the biggest problem of the vaping community may just be the lack of focus and voice that can speak for the industry as a whole. Everything is currently too fragmented with too many pulling the cause in different directions. We need to unite and work together to ensure vaping doesn't die in the world of the TPD and Article 20.

    Stay tuned for more on what happened at the Next Gen Conference.

  • 3rd Annual Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2016

    With the TPD rapidly approaching, many of us in the E-Cigarette industry are trying to find our feet with the new regulations and work out a way to continue supplying our dedicated customers with equipment and E-liquids that they need. Nothing is yet completely set in stone but the picture of the future certainly looks unsure. This week, we at Volcano, will be attending the 3rd annual Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference here in London. I'll be keeping you informed on the blog at what is discussed so that you will know exactly where this industry is going in the next few months and years.

    You can check out the website right here.

  • BBC Discussion on E-Cigs

    The debate on vaping still rages on throughout the world, and with the countdown on the TPD growing shorter and shorter it's becoming more important every day to hear what the world has to say. Wales has been a big voice in the debate on Ecigs, what with their attempted ban on vaping in public spaces. For the next 29 days you can listen to the debate on BBC Radio Wales.

    Have a listen and see whether you think they have the right end of the argument.

    BBC Radio Wales, to Vape or not to Vape.

  • New E-Liquid Mix - Vanilla Coffee Cake

    It's most certainly the time of the year to enjoy some cake, and what better way to do that than to vape it? You can now delight in this taste sensation of a freshly baked slice of vanilla coffee cake. A soft, crumbly topping that rests over buttery layers of cake without piling on the pounds. Volcano brings new our newest E-Liquid mix, Vanilla Coffee Cake.

    Another fantastic blend from our wacky mixologists, this E-Liquid blend takes the flavour of a frshly baked cake and gives it to you in an ideal vape to go with your morning coffee, or even after a nice afternoon cupper.


    The Recipe:

    50% Vanilla Bean

    30% Kona Coffee

    20% Salted Caramel


    Mix it up and tell us what you think!

  • Airway Infections Decreased with Vaping

    The Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine recently had a team conduct a study on whether or not airway infection was decreased in those switching from smoking to vaping.

    I think we're all getting a little sick of the endless 'studies' that say that vaping is worse than smoking. Those of us who've made the change know that E-Cigarettes have revolutionised our lives for the better and now couldn't do without them. Well, at the Wolfson Institute they're hitting back to show that airway infections are decreased on the whole when switching from cigarettes to Ecigs. The petri dish culture studies done to show the harmful effects of vaping have often drawn widespread criticism over their methodology and failure to replicate normal vaping conditions. Frequently, the cell damage reported was caused by concentrations far in excess of normal vaping.

    This new study is a bite back against such studies and goes a long way to showing the health benefits of making the switch. Professor Peter Hajek, the lead researcher, said: “There is no doubt that e-cigarettes are much safer than conventional cigarettes, but smokers are still led to believe that they’re dangerous. This misinformation includes a misreported study on rats that claimed that vaping may increase vulnerability to infections. These new findings from human vapers show that this is not the case.”

    This team conducted an online survey from which 941 subjects reported obvious changes to their respiratory symptoms. Results showed that a massive 66% of those taking part felt their health and lung function had improved as a result of switching from tobacco to E-Cigs. 29% thought they had experienced no change, whilst only 5% felt their condition had worsened.

    Now obviously this is a self-reported test, so must be taken with a pinch of salt, but it certainly falls in line with what a lot of us hear back from friends and colleagues who have made the switch. It's also what many of us find in our own personal experience, I know I certainly have. Below is the graph detailing the results. We'd love to hear you thoughts and feelings on the subject. Do you agree or disagree with the study? Let us know in the comments.


    The study

  • Big Sale Week



    Click the image to see our brand new sale until the 6th of September.

    This week we see some amazing offers like more reduced Inferno kits and now our entire LavaLine E-Liquid (Vesuvius, Diamond Head, Fuji and Grimvotn) at a great price!

  • Brexit and Vaping

    After our referendum we are now trying to work out how life is going to be once we leave the European Union. This is just as important when it comes to our vaping. Vapers, on the whole, were more likely to vote leave or be unsure, mostly due to the EU TPD and the regulations that will be coming into effect very soon. But the big question is, what does leaving the EU really mean for Vaping in the UK?

    So us Vapers have been fighting the EU for so long now that no doubt many will be celebrating the move away and hoping for more relaxed and reasonable regulations from the British government. But is that really what we'll get? For now we are still very much a part of the EU, and breaking away and the deciding of what laws to keep and discard will be such a huge task that it will likely take years to accomplish.

    Barnaby Page from E-Cig Intelligence had this to say on the subject:

    "Sure, it’s conceivable the UK will leave the EU altogether and then decide to repeal the TPD-based regulations, but I certainly wouldn’t pin any hopes on it as it requires a whole series of “ifs” coming to fruition!

    It’s also been pointed out, and I think we may have mentioned it in one of our pieces, that revision of the TPD itself could quite possibly come sooner than any UK Brexit-based regulatory reform anyway"


    The hope at the moment would be that the UK government would live up to its loose promise of keeping up with the TPD but in a far more relaxed fashion than would usually be expected from the British government. We have seen a big shift in the opinion of the government towards E-Cigarettes since 2010 when they tried to ban it outright, and we have seen a lot of sympathy. So hope is high that we will see far more sensible regulations come into play that will keep the industry thriving.

    The key thing here is that there will certainly be regulations on Ecigs, but it is up to us a community to ensure that these regulations are kept sensible and strike the proper balance between safety and innovation. This industry has been calling out for proper regulation for years, and we would happily accept it, so long as it makes sense and is not derived simply to kill it off.

    There many thoughts on how to help achieve this. Some say that we should begin lobbying our MPs, take the fight to the government and make our voices heard to achieve our goals. Others say that we already have the lightest tough concerning regulation in Europe and perhaps it would be best not to make too many waves. A great way to show support, however, would be to get involved with advocacy groups such as The New Nicotine Alliance and Vapers in Power.

    Whatever comes next I know that the Vaping community will stick together and ride the storm. As a collective we can make sure that vaping is not destroyed by ridiculous government regulations and taxes. We can work together to work for better vaping in the future.

  • 3rd Sale Week

    New week and new sales for you to get your hands on!

    olympic sale banner 3

  • 2nd Sale Week

    Our second week of sales is currently ongoing until Friday the 19th of August. Our third week will start on Saturday the 20th so keep your eyes peeled.

    This week is our Green week, take a look at what you can get your hands on.

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  • The Lavabox M

    Just to give you an idea of what's coming up, we'll soon be seeing the new Lavabox M hitting our site and available for you to get your hands on.

    The M does exactly what you think, it's a mini version of our incredibly popular Lavabox design with some small modifications.

    Many more details will be flooding your way soon but for now here are some of the differences:

    - A removable 18650 battery, allowing you to have more than one and constantly have a fully charged device.

    - It's 20% smaller than the original, for those of you looking for a smaller device.

    - It has a DNA 75 chip built in.


    Apart from those changes you'll still get all the fantastic features of the Lavabox, keep your eyes peeled as it'll be here very soon.......

  • Fellow Vapers


  • Brand New Lavabox Designs

    Just for you lovers of the Lavabox, Volcano brings you the revolutionary device in both Blood Red and Bone White. You are still able to customise them further by changing the coloured grip, allowing you to create a truly unique look for your Lavabox. To get one, simply go to the Lavabox page and pick your new favourite colour.


    lavabox_bonewhite_1 lavabox-red2

  • Lavabox Reviews

    The Lavabox is a great device, but of course we would say that. Here is a list of reviews so you can see how great everybody else thinks it is!

    Review from Planet of the Vapes

    Review from Vapebeat

    Review from Spinfuel

    Review from Vaporizerviews

  • Top 9 Tips for Chasing Flavour

    We all want the best out of our flavours don't we? We've spent money on great liquid, we've gone all out on the right gear, and now we want to make sure that each hit is the best it can be. But the big question is, how can we make this happen? Here I'm going to give you 9 tips to become a proper flavour chaser.

    Take Care of Your Liquid

    I would say that one of the most important things for getting the best out of your flavour is to take care of your E-Liquid. The flavour can degrade with poor storage so always try and keep it away from sources of heat and light. It's also best to try and minimise the liquids contact with open air. Sometimes it's worth using a method called 'steeping', the most common two ways of doing this is by either; keeping it in a cool dark place and shaking occasionally. Or by allowing your liquid to 'breathe' periodically for short periods of time.

    Fight Vaper's Tongue

    Check out this article on the dreaded Vaper's Tongue and how to avoid it and combat it. It can greatly decrease your enjoyment of any flavour but don't worry, it's easy to sort out and even easier to avoid.

    Wattage and Temperature Settings

    Each flavour has what we call a 'sweet spot' The perfect temperature that it burns at to get the maximum taste from your flavour. Each flavour is different in this regard, giving you the chance to play around with each one. Most flavour chasers will go for a device with variable wattage or variable voltage so that they can play around with the settings better. The best way to find this is to start at the bottom and work your way up until it you find the best temperature. The Lavabox is great for this as it has variable wattage, temperature control to stop things getting too hot, and you can create profiles so that you can change the settings for your favourite flavours without having to cycle through each time.

    Choose Your Atomizer

    Making sure you have the right atomizer is always a good idea as this is what is going to house your liquid and make sure it's burning at the optimum temperature. Most flavour chasers will go for a bottom-coil tank. A sub-ohm tank is also best as it keeps the resistance under one ohm which can really boost the flavour and vapour production. Our TubeTank Pro is great for this and something worth investing in when going for flavour.

    If you're keen to go even further then you can always get into building your own coils. It's complicated but when you learn how to do it properly it can be satisfying and good fun. We have a huge range of everything you need to get started with our Tephra and Cauldron ranges.

    Reduce Airflow

    Cloud chasers like a lot of airflow as it produces big clouds of vapour, but this can have a detrimental effect to your taste. With tanks like the TubeTank Pro, there is a slider at the bottom which allows you to control the airflow. You don't want the airflow to be too closed off either as this can lead to less vapour production and your liquid burning too hot. Play around with it to get the absolute best for you.

    PG/VG of E-Liquid

    Those looking for clouds will go for a liquid that's higher in VG, but it doesn't hold the flavour as well. What you want is something with more PG to really get your taste buds working. Here at Volcano all our liquids are 50/50 PG/VG, we do this as it perfectly balances between the two camps and gives a great taste with a lot of vapour.

    Wicking and Coil Materials

    Silica wicks used to be the standard for E-cigs but this is all changing as they tend to mute the flavour of your liquid. That's why the tendency is now leaning towards cotton which is much better. We sell Japanese Organic Cotton which is just great for producing the cleanest taste possible. Ceramic can also be a good choice but really there are many options for you to check out.

    When it comes to the atomizer Kanthal is always a good choice. Now with temperature control devices we are seeing other materials like nickel (Ni200), which still hold the flavour well. But you should avoid stainless steel and titanium which add a metallic taste to the liquid.

    Drip Tip

    The industry is tending toward wider drip tips which are great for vapour prodcution but, just like with the air-flow control, bad for flavour. You want to go for a narrow-bore drip tip which is most standard drip tips.

    Keep it Clean

    If you're switching between different flavours it's going to affect your taste. Make sure to, at the very least, give your tank a rinse with warm water whenever you switch out. You can take it apart and make sure to give it all a clean but this can be quite excessive if you're switching regularly. A quick rinse will make sure you get the best results from your liquid.


    I hope this helps you chase that flavour and get the very best from your liquid. Let us know in the comments if you have any great tips as well.

  • Vapers Tongue! What Can We Do?

    Has it ever happened to you? Just another day vaping your favourite flavour, maybe Menthol Burst or Vanilla Bean, and then the worst happens. Suddenly you can't stand it any longer, the taste you have come to love turns to ash in your mouth.

    If this is familiar then you've been struck y the menace known as Vaper's Tongue!

    But never fear, for at Volcano we know that this is Not serious and definitely NOT permanent. Here I'l tell you how it happens and some great ways to cure it.

    What is this affliction?

    The term Vaper’s Tongue (or, sometimes, Vaper’s Fatigue) is used to cover a wide range of taste related ailments from going off a single individual flavour that you used to like to losing taste for all foods and drinks.

    While the first example if this is far more common, the second can potentially be a lot more serious and is often linked to causes such as dehydration, vitamin deficiency and illness. In most of these circumstances the condition itself is only temporary and will resolve itself, but for those afflicted, here are some methods of getting rid of it that little bit faster.

    Don't listen to the internet:

    Sometimes trolls can catch you out with fake advice such as putting tampons in your mouth. These are lies and if it sounds ridiculous it probably is, take it out of your mouth.

    Drink more water:

    As I said, Vaper's Tongue can sometimes be caused by dehydration. Vaping can help increase dehydration so make sure to keep drinking water and it can help sort out any issues.

    Good oral hygiene:

    This should be a good idea anyway but it also helps with Vaper's Tongue. Not just brushing your teeth  but rinsing your mouth out with a minty mouthwash can always help. It's also good for fresh breath, so yet another bonus.

    Mix up your flavours:

    A great way of keeping off the dreaded affliction is by mixing up your different flavour types as sticking to just one can bring it on. Try, not just different flavours, but different flavour types. Sour, sweet, fruity, minty, really mix it up.

    Try menthol:

    Menthol is great for when you have Vaper's Tongue. The strength of menthol is enough that you'll still be able to taste it and enjoy your vaping experience, it might also wake up those taste buds and get them working properly again.


    Try chewing or drinking something that has the flavour of ginger, or alternatively go for something sour or vinegary. Some vapers swear by this so it's always worth a try.


    I hope this has been useful to any of you experiencing this. If you have any other tips or trick for sorting out Vaper's Tongue then do please let us know.

  • New E-Liquid Mix - Vanilla Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

    Yet again, Volcano's crazy mixologists have thrown something new for you to get your teeth into. Our newest mix will send your taste buds over the edge with pleasure. Yet another one for the sweet tooth you know you have, it's Vanilla Cinnamon Hot Chocolate.

    As it first hits your palate you get the creamy yet mellow taste of sugared vanilla taking over, quickly followed up by a slightly nutty, bold chocolate flavour laced with just the perfect amount of cinnamon to tangle the tip of your tongue. You will want to come back to this one time and time again for this one as this bold and unforgettable flavour puffs out with a most satisfying plume.eliquid-mix-of-the-week-vanilla-cinnamon-hot-chocolate


    • 60% Choconilla Haze
    • 40% Vanilla Bean
    • 2 drops of Red Hot Lava
  • Lavabox Instructions

    What is a Lavabox?

    The Lavabox is an advanced high-power boxmod. This is an EV (electric / electronic vapouriser) or 'ecig' of box-shape format that can have a variety of heads attached by a 510 connector system for vapourising inhalable refill liquids as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. It has an advanced digital controller.

    The DNA200 device is the electronics at the heart of the Lavabox. It is a programmable digital controller and power delivery package that uses a DC power source (lithium ion cells) to power equipment (the heads) connected via a 510 connector in order to vaporise inhalable refill liquid according to complex variable parameters that can be preset in groups, using feedback controls, and providing a digital readout, with an exceptionally high power output in terms of consumer micro-electronics (up to 200 watts).

    The Lavabox has an associated computer program called Escribe that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. This can be used to manage some of the vape parameters, and to upgrade the firmware. Firmware is a hardware-level programmable operating system that controls computerised electronic systems without needing any human interaction.

    The firmware can be upgraded: for example if new coil materials with different characteristics become available, or if a new type of head (atomiser/tank arrangement) is invented that requires different power management. This is a step toward future-proofing, the idea being that the computer controls are upgraded to suit, instead of a new device having to be purchased.




    1. Product Specifications


    The LAVABOX is a high performance box mod equipped with the powerful DNA200 microchip. Featuring temperature control, 200watts max output, internal lithium polymer battery, cell-by-cell monitoring, upgradeable firmware, and an integrated 1 amp balance charger.

    The LAVABOX can be plugged into a PC computer and tune in your perfect vape with over 93 options. You can create 8 Profiles to suit the vape performance of specific heads and refills.





    • Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum
    • Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.1 5mm x 94.87mm
    • Battery Type: Removable Lithium Polymer 900 mAh 3-Cell
    • Output Power: 1 Watt - 200 Watts
    • Output Voltage: 0.5 Volt - 9.0 Volt
    • Output Current: Continuous 50 Amps
    • Output Current: Instantaneous peak 55 Amps
    • Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F





    1. Display


    Watt setting:                        The power level currently set on the DNA 200.

    Battery indicator:         The current state of charge of the battery.

    Temperature display:   When not firing, the maximum heating coil temperature setting. While firing, the actual temperature of the heating coil is displayed.

    Volts display:                       The output voltage being supplied to the atomizer.

    Ohms display:             The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. When using a temperature sensing coil, this is the normal resistance of the coil at 70°F.







    1. Operation

    Basic operation of the DNA 200 is as follows:

    • To wake the device from a power off state, tap the Fire button.
    • To generate vapor, press the Fire button.
    • To change the wattage setting for more or less vapor, click or hold the Up and Down buttons.



    When the DNA 200 is used with a temperature sensing atomizer, an additional feature called Preheat is activated. No vapor is produced when the temperature is below the boiling point of the liquid. Preheat applies extra power until the heating coil is up to operating temperature to shorten the delay between pressing the fire button and generating vapor. Because preheat is temperature based, it will not overheat or burn the vapor.





    1. Attaching a New Atomizer

    The DNA 200 uses the resistance of the atomizer to calculate the temperature of the heating coil. It continually checks whether a new or changed atomizer has been connected. If you are using temperature protection, be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled to room temperature. If a new atomizer is attached to the DNA 200 before it has cooled down, the temperature may read and protect incorrectly until the new atomizer cools.

    When you connect a new atomizer or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer, the DNA 200 will prompt you to confirm this change. When you fire the first  time, before activating the DNA 200 will prompt "New Coil? UP YES / DOWN NO":

    • When you see this prompt, with a new atomizer, press the UP button.
    • lf you have disconnected and then reconnected the same atomizer, press the DOWN button.





    1. Modes


    Locked mode:

    Pressing the fire button five times rapidly (less than 0.7 seconds between presses) will cause the device to enter Locked mode. In Locked mode, the device will not fire and the output power will not adjust accidentally. While in Locked mode, the screen will be off, except that pressing a button will show "Locked - Click 5X".

    To exit Locked mode, press the fire button 5 times.


    Stealth mode:

    While locked, holding the fire and down buttons simultaneously for five seconds will switch to stealth mode. In this mode the display is off. It will still show error and lock messages.

    To switch back to normal display mode, hold down the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed.


    Power Locked mode:

    Holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Power Locked mode. In this mode, the mod will operate normally, but you will not be able to change the power setting. This mode prevents accidental power level changes due to the buttons being pressed while in a pocket.

    To exit Power Locked mode, hold the up and down buttons for two seconds.


    Resistance lock:

    The DNA 200 relies on the cold resistance of the atomizer to measure temperature accurately. lf the connection is not stable or if you find the measured resistance drifts with time, it may be desirable to lock the atomizer resistance.

    To do so, while locked hold both the Fire and Up buttons for two seconds to enter Resistance Lock mode.

    In this mode, the DNA 200 will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled. A lock symbol will replace the ohm symbol on the display.

    To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure to lock it.


    Max Temperature Adjust:

    From Locked Mode, holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Max Temperature Adjust mode. Once this mode is entered, the max temperature will be displayed. The up and down buttons are used to adjust the max temperature.

    To save the new temperature setting and exit, press the Fire button.





    1. Temperature Control - TC

    This is a temperature protection mode - you can set the maximum temperature that the atomiser coil reaches.


    How it works

    The DNA 200 directly measures and limits the temperature of the heating coil during operation. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented. For example, appropriate temperature settings will prevent the wicking material from charring, which compromises taste and introduces unintended chemicals into the vapor.

    Appropriate temperature settings will also reduce the breakdown of flavoring and base liquid components, which could impact taste or safety.


    Important: coil material

    Evolv's Temperature Protection Technology requires a heating coil made from Nickel 200 alloy or other materials with a well-defined temperature coefficient of resistance, rather than Nickel Chromium or Kanthal alloys.



    If the temperature reaches the maximum value, the power (wattage) applied to the atomizer coil is reduced to prevent overheating. Please note that the temperature reading is the average temperature of the atomizer coil, so take care to construct the heating coil so that the temperature is uniform, without hot or cold spots.

    Because power, not temperature, controls vapor volume, large vapor volumes can be produced without unnecessarily high temperatures. TC is useful if the atomizer begins to dry out; the user pauses during a puff or the beginning or end of the puff; or if the power setting is too high for the attached atomizer.

    In normal operation, when the device is not firing the maximum temperature setting is displayed on the screen. When the device is firing, the average temperature of the coil is displayed on the screen.


    TC operation

    In Temperature Control, by default the Temperature Protection setting is 450° Fahrenheit. We advise the max temperature is set no higher than this, in order to avoid thermal degradation of the refill liquid. The maximum temperature is adjustable between 200° Fahrenheit and 600° Fahrenheit.

    To lower (advised) or change the limit:

    1. Lock the device by pressing the Fire button five times.
    2. Hold down the UP and DOWN adjust buttons together for two seconds.
    3. After two seconds, the maximum temperature will be displayed, and the UP and DOWN buttons should be released.
    4. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the maximum temperature.
    5. When the display shows the desired maximum temperature, press the Fire button to exit temperature adjust mode.


    Switch to degrees C

    To switch to Celsius temperature, adjust temperature down to 200° Fahrenheit, then press the DOWN one button one additional time. The temperature will switch to reading and adjusting in Celsius.


    Disable TC

    To disable the temperature control entirely, adjust the limit up to 600 degrees, then press the UP button one additional time. The temperature limit will read OFF.





    1. Profiles

    A Profile is a group of settings that suit your vape - probably for different heads. For example you can have one Profile for a dripper RBA and another Profile for a tank. Instead of having to change every setting when you change heads, you just change to another Profile.

    The Lavabox holds 8 Profiles.



    The DNA 200 allows you to save and select between 8 groups of output settings. Each group of output settings is called a Profile. To switch between profiles, put the DNA 200 into Power Locked mode by pressing and holding both the UP and DOWN buttons for two seconds. From power locked mode, to cycle between profiles, double click the Up or Down button. To select the displayed profile, press the fire button.


    What is in a Profile?

    Each profile contains the output power setting, maximum TC setting, resistance lock setting; plus other parameters (coil material, preheat) that you can fix using the firmware manager software, Escribe.

    The resistance lock setting and value for each atomizer is saved in the profile, which can alleviate temperature inaccuracies stemming from attaching atomizers before they have completely cooled. Many more output settings, including the coil material and preheat settings can be adjusted on a per profile basis using the Escribe PC software.

    Evolv recommends setting up one profile for each atomizer that you regularly use with the DNA 200. It is much faster to switch profiles than it is to set up an atomiser from scratch.






    1. Error Messages


    Check Atomizer:

    The DNA does not detect an atomizer, the atomizer has shorted out, or the atomizer resistance is incorrect for the power setting. You may just need to screw the head on firmly if it has worked loose.



    The atomizer or wiring are short circuited.


    Weak Battery:

    The battery needs to be charged, or a higher rate battery needs to be used. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire the atomizer, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Weak Battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Temperature Protected:

    The heating coil reached the maximum allowed temperature during the puff. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired power.


    Ohms Too High:

    The resistance of the atomizer coil is too high for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired power. The Ohms Too High message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Ohms Too Low:

    The resistance of the atomizer coil is too low for the current wattage setting. lf this happens, the DNA200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too Low message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Too Hot:

    The DNA 200 has on-board temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive. This indicates excessive power use in a high temperature environment, or similar.

    Do not leave the Lavabox in full sun inside a vehicle - not on the dashboard in summer for example.







    1. Firmware Manager


    The Lavabox has upgradeable firmware (operational software at the hardware level) called EVOLV Escribe. You must download this to your computer. It runs on Windows and allows you to control some Lavabox functions externally, and also to upgrade its firmware.

    The DNA200 device is the electronics at the heart of the Lavabox. It is a programmable digital control package that uses a DC power source (lithium ion cells) to power equipment (the heads) connected via a 510 connector in order to vaporise inhalable refill liquid according to complex variable parameters that can be preset in groups, using feedback controls, and providing a digital readout, with an exceptionally high power output in terms of consumer micro-electronics (up to 200 watts).

    Escribe is the software package used to configure, monitor and modify the operation of the DNA 200 processor on the Lavabox. It installs on a Windows PC, and connects to your DNA 200 using the USB port.


    The Escribe website

    Escribe has a separate manual and tutorials which can be found on Evolv’s site:


    The Lavabox is powered by the EVOLV  DNA200 chip. This is the Evolv page for Lavabox owners:     http://www.evolvapor.com/dna200.php

    Here you can find all the information you need on firmware downloads, spare parts, data sheets, and the DNA forum. The Escribe software is the firmware viewer and upgrader, it runs on a Windows device with a USB port.


    The sections are:

    • About the DNA200 controller chip.
    • Escribe guide.
    • DNA200 tech drawings.
    • Replacement batteries.
    • DNA forum: more info and support.
  • New E-Liquid Mix - Vanilla Coffee Cake

    Need something different to satisfy that sweet tooth with lent firmly underway? No problem, this is one that's guaranteed to peek your interest. We present the Vanilla Coffee Cake mix, just the thing for you mad vaping scientists out there to concoct on a cold February evening.

    For this one you'll be blending Vanilla Bean, slated Caramel and Kona Coffee to give you the taste of a freshly baked cake. This is one you can vape in the morning to get you up, after a nice cup of tea, or even an after meal treat.


    • 50% Vanilla Bean
    • 30% Kona Coffee
    • 20% Salted Caramel

    How does it taste? Ask Kapua over in the States:

    “ On my inhale I taste the creaminess of the coffee mixed with vanilla bean, then on my exhale I can taste the sweetness of the salted caramel. It’s super creamy, definitely perfect for vapers who love creamy flavors.”

  • Ecigs prescribed on the NHS?

    So it looks as if Electronic Cigarettes may soon be prescribed on the NHS. This means that GPs will be able to help smokers move to a much healthier alternative to tobacco smoking by giving them E-Cigarettes. It looks as if so far kits will cost the NHS £20 each with every smoker costing £10 per week in cartridges. Yet despite this cost large savings will be expected in health care due to many more smokers stopping tobacco smoking. I imagine that they won't be furnishing them with top-of-the-line devices but it will make a good introduction to many new vapers who will come to see that it is not only a healthier alternative, but a better way of living. Many have hailed the possible move as 'brilliant' and hope that it goes through without too much opposition.

    Get more info from here:




  • Diacetyl in Ecigs

    Here is an article recently published in the Telegraph online. It is a piece that is not only badly written, but full of half truths and inadequate facts on the presence of Diacetyl in Electronic Cigarettes. It states that a Harvard research team found traces of this chemical in 75% of the E-Liquids they studied over a range of brands. It then goes on to link this substance with the cause of a disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans, or 'popcorn lung'. Here are the issues I have with this article.

    At no point have they said whether the amount of Diacetyl was more than barely present or whether the amount actually represented a danger to people's health. They also don't state whether or not they have tested a range of flavours per brand. Diacetyl is present in flavours that a sweet in nature, the vast majority of other flavours have none, or if so the most minute amount. The researchers could have tested only the sweeter flavour of a range of brands, which would give them 'shockingly high' results but proved nothing about the general safety of Ecigs.

    Diacetyl in E-Liquid is rarely found in the UK and when it is it is usually removed from sale almost immediately. What this article also FAILS to mention is that the levels the workers who contracted Popcorn lung were exposed to were several times higher and at a much larger scale than any you may or may not find in E-Liquid. It is also worth pointing out that Diacetyl is present, not only in tobacco cigarette smoke, but also a vast range of other foods and treats that we consume on a regular basis, and sometimes in much higher levels.

    It would be nice of writers to check their facts before blindly writing out whatever they think will sell papers. What you write does actually affect people's livelihoods and in some cases lives.

  • Welsh Ecig Restrictions Cause Division

    For a while now, in Wales, plans have been in place to ban the use of E-Cigarettes in all public spaces. It has been an argument that has caused a lot of controversy as many different groups seek to influence the decision. It is even an issue that could hold wider consequences for the rest of the UK when other places come up against the same debate. Therefore, it is an interesting and important time when the issue divides the Welsh Senedd so that now the Labour Welsh government will need to seek opposition support in order to pass the measure, seeing as they don't have outright majority.

    Mark Drakeford, Health Minister has stated that it is a 'balance of risk' in the face of outcry from groups saying that it is there as a method of helping smokers quit and move on to a healthier alternative. He thinks that restrictions on Ecigs will help discourage children from smoking despite the weight of evidence against this theory.

    Read more here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-34967200

  • Great New E-Liquid Mix - Oven Baked Apples

    Here's something new to our blog and something new for you to try at home. In this article I'll show you a great mix of different Volcano E-Liquids in order to create an amazing new flavour...Oven Baked Apples.

    Now that Autumn is here we thought we'd create a great new flavour and our mixologists have been working hard to find the very thing to vape as you watch the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees. This great taste is a mix of Aloha Apple, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean and Red Hot Lava.

    Check out this review by Alison from our Wahiawa Café:

    “The Red Hot Lava really made this flavor pop! On inhale I can taste the vanilla and caramel, creamy and delicious—really like it. Then on my exhale I get a nice touch of semi-sweet apple pie flavor. It’s a really good take on oven-baked apples! It’s not too heavy of a flavor either, so if you like dessert flavors you’d definitely like this as an all-day-vape.”

    To make this you need a mix of:

    • 50% Aloha Apple
    • 30% Salted Caramel
    • 20% Vanilla Bean
    • 2 drops of Red Hot Lava

    Get mixing and let us know your results on Facebook and Twitter!MOTW-OvenBakedApples_header

  • Paris VapExpo

    A few weeks ago we were present at VapExpo in Paris. It was absolutely fantastic to see the vapers of Europe and especially France coming out in force. If you've never gotten the chance to visit one of the many Vape Expos that continually appear all over the place then you're missing out. So many different companies were showing off their impressive wares with music, models, freebies and samples galore. At one point I tried a fantastic liquid of Lemonade and Cucumber.

    If you were there then you would have seen us in our typically Hawaiian booth with palm trees, sunsets and very tasteful Hawaiian shirts. We also had our usual full range on display with our brand new LavaLine (which went down a storm) and the brand new Lavatube 3. We also trialled our two new flavours, Salted Caramel and Pina Volada to great response.

    You can see a couple of pictures from our Paris adventures on our Facebook and Twitter so make sure to follow and we'll see you at the next one!



  • LAVATUBE 3 DNA 40 Instructions


    The LAVATUBE 3 by VOLCANO EU is the is the device you’ve been waiting for. This product is a culmination of all the great features that past LAVATUBE models poses, however it is still the original variable voltage/ wattage device.

    It’s skilfully crafted from high-grade 6061 billet aluminium and is available in 3 colours: Black, Gunmetal Grey and Polished Silver. Though the LAVATUBE mod series is well known for Personalisation, the LAVATUBE 3 goes a step further with its interchangeable grip, which is available in a variety of colours. It also features a flush-mount 510 connection for seamless integration of the Tube Tank Pro, or any tank or RBA of your choice.

    The three-button feature has been upgraded to a circle on and off switch by the two semi-circle (+) & (-) buttons, purely for a better performance and usability. We have also improved the screen by creating a larger OLED display, which shows the atomizer’s resistance, temperature, wattage, voltage, battery life and more.

    If you decide to use Ni200 pure Nickel wire instead of a kanthal build, the unit will monitor the resistance of the nickel wire and display the atomizer’s temperature limit in place of the wattage. If it is used properly the LAVATUBE 3 will guard your vaping experience from the taste of burning wick and dry hits. The temperature control/ protection that the DNA 40 chip features, allows you to set a maximum temperature cut off limit. When the temperature does reach this range, the chip will pull back on the wattage/voltage output automatically so that the device doesn’t go over the set temperature.

    The battery for the LAVATUBE 3 is a 18650 battery, built to give you more life and performance, even when performing at a higher wattage.


    The LAVATUBE 3 comes with a factory 120 day warranty valid from the date of purchase against any and all defects in workmanship and materials. If our RMA team find that you have a valid warranty claim, then we will replace the unit in full after inspection. For more information please visit (html for website)

    For more detailed information on the Evolve DNA 40 Chipset, please click this link (Link).


    The VOLCANO EU Lavatube 3 is an advanced vaping device, which is equipped with a DNA 40 chip from Evolve Vapour that allows for 2 usage modes; Temperature protected mode and non-temperature mode. This device will automatically detect whether a temperature sensing (Nickel 200) or a standard (Kanthal etc) coil is attached. However it is up to you to engage the temperature limiting feature.


    Unscrew the 2 parts of the device. The lower part or battery bay (1) is covered with a rubber grip(5), and the top part or Control Unit(2). The two parts separate just above the rubber grip.

    Once the device has been opened, simply insert your LAVACELL battery with the negative side facing down. The Large red cross on the side of the battery should be at the top.

    STOP! Now would be a good time for you to add some Noalox to the threads of your Lavatube 3, whilst your device is open. If your interested and want to know more about using Noalox, please visit this article. (LINK)

    Now you can screw your device back together, make sure you don’t cross thread the unit.

    Once your device is fully screwed together, press the Fire Button(6) you’ll then be presented with the Welcome Screens.

    First- Lavatube 3
    By Volcano

    Second- Powered
    By Evolve DNA

    If you are not greeted by these messages or you receive and error code, then please check our error code list below.

    Finally…You are now ready to use your Lavatube 3.


    If you receive a the warning “! WEAK BATTERY” on your screen, then this means your battery charge is low and your battery needs recharging. It can also mean that a higher rate battery is needed. The Lavatube 3 will still fire if this this happens, however will not be able to provide the desired wattage. After the end of each puff, the weak battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds until the reason is corrected.

    If you choose, the Lavacell in your Lavatube 3 can be removed and charged with our XTAR battery charger, however the Lavatube 3 has an on-board charger built in. All you need to do is plug in the supplied micro USB charging lead into the micro USB port, which is on the side of the Lavatube 3 and then plug the other end into the supplied USB wall adapter or a USB Port in your computer/laptop. (Do NOT use any non-compatible USB lead)


    As long as there is a battery in your Lavatube 3, then the Power is on. If you press any button on the device it will wake from sleep mode. To stop your Lavatube 3 from activating by mistake we highly recommend that you lock your device. should you wish to store or transport it with the battery still inside.

    To lock/ unlock your device you must press the Fire Button(6) rapidly 5 times. When the device is locked the screen will display a locked screen message. When the device is unlocked, you will see a similar screen letting you know your device is unlocked.


    PLEASE NOTE: The Temperature protected mode requires a heating coil made of Nickel 200 alloy for it to function.

    Atomizer Monitoring

    During the use of the Lavatube 3, the resistance of the atomizer calculates the heating of the coil and is continually monitoring your setup to check whether or if a new atomizer has been connected. If you’re using temperature control, please be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled down to room temperature. If a new atomizer is attached to the Lavatube 3 before it has had time to cool, the temperature may be displayed and protected incorrectly. Your Lavatube 3 may also prompt you to confirm any changes if you connect a new atomizer, or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer.

    New Atomizer?

    When your atomizer is in temperature protect mode and you fire it up for the first time, the Lavatube 3 may display:


    When you see this message;

    If you have attached a new atomizer, press the “+” button to confirm.
    If you have disconnected and reconnected the same atomizer then press the “-“ to confirm.

    Activating Temperature Protect mode:

    1. Lock your device by pressing the fire button 5 times rapidly.
    2. Hold down the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds
    3. After 5 seconds the maximum allowable temperature will be displayed, at this point release the + and - buttons.
    4. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the maximum temperature.
    5. When the display shows your desired temperature, press the fire button to exit the temperature adjustment screen.

    NOTE: Whilst adjusting the maximum temperature, please be aware there are both Fahrenheit and Celsius options. Make sure you have selected the correct temperature measurement.

    Temperature Protect Mode Display:

    Watt Setting: The Power level currently set.
    Battery Indicator: The current state of battery charge
    Temperature display: When the atomizer is not being fired the display will show the maximum coil heating temperature. When firing the atomizer, the actual temperature of the coil heating is shown.
    Ohms Display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. This is only measured when the unit is transporting power to the atomizer. At other times it will display the most recent measurement.

    Disabling Temperature Protect mode:

    The maximum temperature is adjustable between 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius.

    To disable the Temperature control entirely:

    1. Lock the device (click the fire button 5 times rapidly)
    2. Hold down the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.
    3. After 5 seconds, release the + and - buttons when the maximum allowable temperature is displayed.
    4. Use the + button to set the maximum temperature to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, then press the + button one more time.
    5. The Set Temp will display “OFF”
    6. Click the Fire button to exit the temperature adjustment screen.

    By doing this will also disable the New Coil/ Same Coil prompt, when a new atomizer is attached.

    What the Display shows during Non-Temperature Control:

    Watt Setting: The Power level currently set.
    Battery Indicator: The current state of battery charge
    Volt Display: The output voltage that is supplied to the atomizer.
    Ohms Display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. This is only measured when the unit is transporting power to the atomizer. At other times it will display the most recent measurement.

    Additional Modes:


    Stealth mode will turn off the screen, so it does not light up when any of the buttons are pressed. It’s a great mode for night time vaping, when you don’t want the brightness of the screen lighting up.

    To enter Stealth mode: (It’s advised that you set your device the way you want it, as you won’t be able to see the changes once you do.)

    1. Lock your Lavatube 3 (click the fire button 5 times rapidly)
    2. Once locked hold the fire and (-) buttons down together for 5 seconds.

    The screen will shut off and stay off until you turn Stealth mode off. Even in Stealth mode your Lavatube 3 will still display error messages and lock messages.


    To enter Power Locked mode:

    Start with the device UNLOCKED
    Press and Hold the + and - buttons a the same time for 5 seconds.
    The display will read “PWR LOCKED” (Hold + -)

    To Exit Power Locked Mode:

    Start with the device UNLOCKED
    Press and hold the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.
    The Screen will show the normal display


    The colour of the rubberized grip can be changed simply and easily, allowing you to fully customise the look of your Lavatube 3 to match your mood.


    1. Take apart the two halves of the Lavatube 3 by unscrewing them
    2. Take out the battery
    3. The rubber grip simply slides up and off the battery bay, over the threaded end of the tube
    4. Replace it with new rubber grip by sliding it on the same way
    5. Replace the battery and screw the device back together


    Taking good care of your device will make sure that it lasts for a long time and will always perform exactly as it should.


    Once a month or so you should take your device apart fully and, using a q-tip, paper towel and rubbing alcohol, clean all the threads and contacts of your Lavatube 3 inside and out.


    When you’re cleaning the device, it is a good idea to apply Noalox to the threads. When you do, always make sure to apply it only to the body threads, never the 510 connector threads at the top of the device.



    If you see this error message it means:
    1. The LT3 cannot detect your atomizer or coil build
    2. Your atomizer has shorted out
    3. The resistance of your atomizer is wrong for the power setting

    How to fix this:

    Unscrew and remove your atomizer from the device and use a flathead screwdriver to lift the contact pin which is located at the top of the device within the 510 connector. It takes some trial and error but you will know eventually when your atomizer makes contact with the device pin. If the ‘Check Atomizer’ error is still appearing, even if you’re sure the atomizer is touching the pin, you will have to take your tank apart make sure that your pre-built coil is securely screwed into the tank. If you’re using a re-buildable coil then make sure your wires are securely attached to the RBA’s posts and that none have become crossed. If none of these fix the issue then you may need to either change to a new tank or new coil.


    The coil build on your atomizer has short-circuited. Straight away you must remove the atomizer and re-check your build. Do not attempt to fire once this message has appeared until you have thoroughly re-checked your build.

    How to fix this:

    Remove the atomizer and check that the wires inside have not crossed. You may wish to consider re-building it to be safe. If it is a tank with a pre-built coil then take the tank apart and check that the coil inside is correctly installed. Once you’ve checked all the possible errors, if the problem still persists then re-build the coil or switch it out for a new one.7


    If this appears on the screen then your battery needs to either be charged or switched for a fully charged battery. Using the Lavatube 3 with a low battery will still allow it to fire but you will notice a reduction in vapour production. The ‘weak batter’ message will still flash up with every puff.

    How to fix this:

    Swap the battery for a fully charged one, or charge your current battery either within the device or in a separate charger.


    If this message pops up then it means your coil build has reached the maximum allowed temperature that it has been set for during use. If you increase the wattage to get a hotter coil temperature then the device won’t fire at that rate due to the control settings of the device.

    How to fix this:

    The Lavatube 3 can be set to protect your vape from going over a certain temperature, so if it has reached that temperature then it’s performing correctly. You are always able to adjust it lower or higher to suit your needs and preferences. When you make that adjustment then the Lavatube 3 will set a new parameter to reach before it flashes the warning sign again.


    If you attach your new coil build and see this warning sign flash, it means the resistance of your coil is too low for the current wattage setting of the device.

    How to fix this:

    Your device will keep firing when you press the activation button, but it won’t be able to provide you with the power (wattage) that you want. To fix this, you will need to either decrease the wattage, or simply re-build the coil to a higher Ohm rating. If you don’t fix this then the error message will continue to flash on-screen at every puff. And you won’t be vaping at the level you have built your coil in order to achieve.


    This error message will appear when the temperature sensing ability of your device has sensed that the device is too hot to properly operate. The message will flash first, then the device will shut down automatically if the internal board temperature is too high.

    How to fix this:

    Start by checking the resistance of the atomizer and make sure that it is in a safe operating range with what your battery can handle. Don’t use the atomizer if the Ohm rating is too low for your battery, instead build a new coil at a safer Ohm rating. Perhaps, if your coil build works fine with the capabilities of your battery, then your Lavatube 3 simply needs time to cool down. Give a good ten minute break (so that it is cool to the touch when you pick it up) until you take another puff.

  • How to Build a Coil

    Welcome to the world of mechanical mods and RBAs. The world of vaping offers users from all walks of life different options, and mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are most certainly another world in itself.

    For those dabbling in the world of ego style devices or “cigalikes” the jump to mechanical mods may seem daunting. Fear not! There is tons of information out there on where to start and what to do.

    In this video we will build a simple coil on a RBA. Let’s get to it.

    What you’ll Need:

    Mod, Battery, Multimeter, tweezers, wire clipper, wick, wire, coiler jig (optional)

    There are many different kinds of wire, a good place to start is a standard 28 guage Kanthal USA Made resistance wire.

    To begin, take your wire and cut 2 strips about 6-7 inches long.

    After you have cut your wire, grab your coiler. You can use an easy jig such as this coiler shown here to wrap your coils or opt to use drill bits and hand wrap the coils. The coiler is simple and makes prefect coils.

    The jig comes complete with different size rods to wrap around which will have an impact on your final resistance depending on what your desired final resistance level will be. Some trial and error is necessary here for beginners, don’t worry.

    Insert your wire in the inlet opening and give it a half wrap so the wire points straight up.

    Take the coiler end of the jig and use the small metal guide to start wrapping your coil. The trick is to keep the coil wraps tight together. Make 6 full wraps.

    Once complete, remove the coil from the jig. With your wire clippers trim the excess leads and leave about 1.5 inches on either end.

    Repeat for one more coil.

    Grab your RBA and screw it onto your multimeter, this makes it easier to build on. In this video we are using a 3 post CAULDRON RBA. The center post will be the positive charge and the two outer posts will be the negative charge once the wire is installed.

    Take one of your two coils and install it in one negative side and one positive side. It is easier to screw down the negative side first and move on to the second coil. Do the same on the opposite side of the RBA with the second coil.

    Now that both negative terminals are tightened, go ahead and slide in one positive coil lead. Now is a good time to trim the positive lead. Finish with the second lead and tighten down the center post.

    Once complete, turn on the multimeter to read your resistance. You should be somewhere between .2 and .4 for a beginners sweet spot. Lower resistance levels will result in hotter vapes and are recommended for more advanced users.

    Pay close attention to the resistance level before installing on your device and using, operating with resistance levels which are to low is dangerous. For more information visit volcanoecigs.com/safety

    Now that your RBA is showing a safe resistance level, reinstall it on our mod and give it a dry fire. Your coils will light up orange, be careful, they are hot!

    Let the coils cool down and grab two small pieces of wick about this big. Twist one end of each wick to make it easier to be pulled through your coil . Once inserted, it helps to frey and trim the sides of the wick before tucking in the access wick neatly into your Rba.

    Now that your wick is properly installed, get your favorite juice and start dripping to saturate the cotton. Once fully primed, you are ready to vape your new build.

  • TubeTank Pro

    The Tube Tank Pro from VOLCANO eCigs, a low resistance tank atomizer is available at volanoecigs.com or authorized VOLCANO distributors world wide.

  • New Lavatube 3

    Introducing the LAVATUBE 3 from VOLCANO eCigs, a variable wattage and temperature control personal vaporizer is available at volanoecigs.com or authorized VOLCANO distributors world wide.

  • Introduction to E-Cigarettes

    Hi, here we have an introduction to the world of E-Cigarettes. If you're new to ecigs, take a look at this video and find out all about the great new craze sweeping the world.

  • Ecigs 95% less harmful than smoking

    Today we see a study posted by Public Health England (PHE) that ratifies what most of us in the the vaping community are already aware of, electronic cigarettes are less harmful of smoking. This new study has been published just in time to make the deadline for any remaining consultation on the TPD and how it will be put in to practice early next year, so we can only hope that it is taken into account by those that matter. This study sums up how much better E-cigs are to smokers who are attempting to quit and gives advice on future policy and practice when it comes to vaping. Essentially it makes the claim (backed up by hard evidence) that E-cigarettes are effectively 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

    PHE's goal has always been to discuss the issue of ecigs with a clear and un-biased look at all the evidence and knowledge that comes to hand. They want to make sure that the public perception is in line with reality and not the distorted view presented by many main-stream media outlets. In their first year they commissioned independent evidence reviews from Professors John Britton and Linda Bauld. They have set up the UK Electronic Cigarette Research Forum with Cancer Research UK to help develop discussion and collaboration between researches of this topic. This study, in their own words is the "latest comprehensive review of the up-to-date evidence on e-cigarettes, commissioned from Professor Ann McNeill and Professor Peter Hajek, synthesises what is now a substantial international peer-reviewed evidence base on e-cigarettes. It provides a firm foundation for policy development and public health practice in the context of new regulations for e-cigarettes to be introduced in the UK from May 2016 under the revised EU Tobacco Products Directive (currently under consultation)."

    One very positive thing in the study is that smoking is in decline from adults and youths across the whole country, with Ecigs being that main aid that people are using to quit. Also, to those who say that non-smokers are starting to pick up nicotine habits from use of ecigs, the study also says that ecig use is almost exclusively amongst those who already smoke. Ecig use is incredibly effective at helping smokers to quit, especially when used in conjunction with expert help. At the moment, with regulation being so up in the air, the quality of ecig manufacturing can sometimes vary. Even so, this study has found that vaping is still only a minor fraction of the risk presented by smoking.

    It does go on to address the issue surrounding public perception as well. As many of us know full well, the media does love to attack vapers and e-cigarettes, especially with scare-mongering and pseudo-science reports based on false or modified facts. At the moment public perception has swung to a worryingly large amount of people believing ecigs to be just as harmful as smoking. This is very bad news as it means smokers who might otherwise use them to quit would shy away, and vapers in public are almost demonized in some cases. This study wants to highlight that there is no danger from second-hand vapour and that even non-smokers whould be made aware of the benefits of vaping.


    PHE's study wants to influence the future of vaping as well and have laid out what they would like to see from the future. Their advice is that:

    - E-cigarettes have the potential to help smokers quit smoking, and the evidence indicates they carry a fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes but are not risk free.

    - E-cigarettes potentially offer a wide reach, low-cost intervention to reduce smoking in more deprived groups in society where smoking is elevated, and they want to see this potential fully realised.

    - There is an opportunity for e-cigarettes to help tackle the high smoking rates among people with mental health problems, particularly in the context of creating smoke-free mental health units.

    - The potential of e-cigarettes to help improve public health depends on the extent to which they can act as a route out of smoking for the country’s eight million tobacco users, without providing a route into smoking for children and non-smokers. Appropriate and proportionate regulation is essential if this goal is to be achieved.

    - Local stop smoking services provide smokers with the best chance of quitting successfully and they want to see them engaging actively with smokers who want to quit with the help of e-cigarettes.

    - They want to see all health and social care professionals providing accurate advice on the relative risks of smoking and e-cigarette use, and providing effective referral routes into stop smoking services.

    - The best thing smokers can do for their health is to quit smoking completely and to quit for good. PHE has committed itself to ensure that smokers have a range of evidence-based, effective tools to help them to quit. They encourage smokers who want to use e-cigarettes as an aid to quit smoking to seek the support of local stop smoking services.

    - Given the potential benefits as quitting aids, PHE looks forward to the arrival on the market of a choice of medicinally regulated products that can be made available to smokers by the NHS on prescription. This will provide assurance on the safety, quality and effectiveness to consumers who want to use these products as quitting aids.

    - The latest evidence will be considered in the development of the next Tobacco Control Plan for England with a view to maximising the potential of e-cigarettes as a route out of smoking and minimising the risk of their acting as a route into smoking.

    PHE's endgame is to see tobacco gone by 2025. Whether or not this is an achievable goal will remain to be seen but they are a firm supporter of Ecigs to bring this change about. They will continue to create discussion and bring new and exciting research to the floor in order to add to the debate, as well as give the public clear and concise information to stop an unfairly negative view of vaping to continue.

    If you would like to read the full report for yourself, or perhaps look through the 111 pages of evidence and research they have provided then follow this link.

  • PG/VG What it is and why it's changing

    For those of you who've been ordering liquid from us for a while now you may have noticed a change in our E-Liquid, not just in the bottle type and labels, but also in how it vapes. This is all to do with what we call PG/VG. Up until now we at Volcano have always gone for a 70/30 mix of PG/VG, but this is all now changing to a 50/50 mix. This all sounds incredibly complicated for most of us who might not look into our liquid past flavour and strength. I shall endeavour to explain exactly how it affects your experience here.

    The E-Liquids that we like to vape so much are usually a base mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) with the flavouring and/or nicotine in whichever strength the user chooses. This allows the user to taste the flavouring and absorb any nicotine present through the vapour that they would inhale. Both PG and considered VG are considered perfectly safe and are in fact found in many of the foods we eat, cosmetics we use, medications we take, and in many household items like toothpaste and mouthwash. In fact, you can even find these ingredients in fog machines used in nightclubs and theatres.

    PG is a thin liquid, diluting and carrying the flavour, making it the best base for mixing, though it is sometimes thinned out further through the adding of flavour and nicotine and may produce less vapour. Heavily PG liquids are recommended fro standard tanks that you may use. Some may find they have a sensitivity to PG, experiencing some irritation of the skin and throat, but most find that a lower PG liquid will overcome this.

    In its pure form VG is a very sweet and thick liquid, causing it to produce a lot more vapour than PG. If the VG is too high then the downside is that it can cause wicking, clogging or burning issues in your device, so with a standard tank a VG-high liquid is not recommended. VG-based liquid is what is usually required for drippers and sub-tanks. Also, due to the inherent sweetness of VG it does tend to alter or dull the flavour slightly and reduce the amount of throat hit that you may experience.

    At the end of the day the mixture is really a personal preference based on the difference between flavour, throat hit and vapour production. By changing our mix to 50/50 we are going for a balance between good flavour with a slightly lower throat hit and much higher vapour production. For now, if you receive a bottle with a white lid it's still 70/30 mix, but a black lid denotes our brand new 50/50 mix.

    We hope you enjoy our new great flavours.

  • Customer of the Month - Becky Ash



    What is your name?

    Name is Becky Ash.

    How long have you been vaping and how long have you been using Volcano?

    I having been vaping for nearly a year by using one of your products.

    What products do you currently use?

    I use the inferno with menthol burst e liquid.

    What’s your favourite product from Volcano?

    My favourite product is the inferno.

    What are your favourite flavours we do?

    My favourite flavour is the menthol burst but I also love the vanilla.

    When did you decide to become a vaper, and how has it changed your life?

    I decided to become a vaper after trying everything else on the market, patches, gum and the cheap electronic cigarettes didn't cut the mustard.

    Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation?

    I have never fallen off the wagon by using this product, the moment I used it I knew it would be my savior, I fell off the wagon many a times with other substitutes before trying this one but never with this product.

    How much money do you think you’ve saved by taking up vaping instead of smoking? Do you do anything interesting with the extra money?

    I have probably saved between myself and my partner a great deal of money, we splash out on a hotel break every now and again as a well done to ourselves.

    What are your goals with vaping? Do you plan to quit altogether or remain a vaper?

    I plan to remain a vaper until we start our own little family.

    What would you say to people thinking about making the switch to vaping?

    Switch to vaping NOW, it's the best thing I have ever done in regards to quitting. The delivery service is fab, the customer care is great and I am so pleased I finally quit smoking cigarettes after years of failing miserably.

    Anything else you’d like to share with us?

    I can't believe it's been nearly a year but I feel so much better and I have more money to show for it.

  • Vaping Cloud Tricks

    Now these tricks are seriously great. If any of you can do anything like these then please send us a video and we'll pop it up on the blog.

  • APPG - E-Cigarettes

    Yesterday I had the pleasure to join a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on electronic cigarettes, held in the Houses of Parliament. For those of you who don't know what an APPG is a group that can be made up of members of the House of Commons and Lords. These groups will meet with experts and professionals within the subject or country that they are discussing. These meetings allow campaign groups, charities and other non-governmental organisations to become involved in the discussion and help influence politicians. Last night many of the vaping community sat down and discussed with several members of the government the issue of E-Cigarettes and how things will progress in Great Britain in the future.

    First up on the agenda was the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), which we have previously talked about on the blog here. This is our main concern at the moment, being that it's implementation is coming very soon. Consultation will stop on the 3rd of September and the TPD will come into effect in May of next year. As of yet we don't know exactly when between those two dates we will be informed of how the current round of consultation on the TPD's implementation will have affected what happens to the ecig industry. We were also able to speak with one of the lawyers currently working on the Totally Wicked judiciary case against Article 20 of the TPD, the article that specifically relates to e-cigs. If this case is successful then TW will have shown that article 20 may not be put into effect and could overturn it completely. At the moment they are still awaiting a hearing date but are confident that it will be soon. Katherine Devlin of ECITA did make the worrying point, however, that the TW case could very well win, yet the EU and UK governments could still choose to ignore it and go ahead with Article 20 despite the court case.

    Next up was talk on the American Thoracic Society's report on ecigs and the fear that many have as to whether children are being attracted to ecigs and whether children who try ecigs are likely to then move on to smoking tobacco. This was obviously quite a controversial report within the vaping community and it sparked some interesting debate at the APPG meeting as well. There is always this continuing argument that the flavours made for e-cigs such as a few of our own, flavours that resemble fruits and sweets, are aimed at children or at the very least will draw children on to electronic cigarettes. The idea that they are aimed at children is ridiculous and seems to make the claim that adults have no interest in these flavours, which we know for a fact is rubbish. A very god point was also made in regards to children trying ecigs and then moving to tobacco, that a child who has tried a sweet, candy-flavoured e-cigarette is hardly likely to then want to move onto an analogue cigarette with the foul taste of burning tobacco. The argument doesn’t really hold up. The worry with a lot of these reports and studies is that they are conducted by organisations that ask the wrong or leading questions to get the desired results. Some have asked people whether they have tried ecigs in the last few months, then when a yes is given, perhaps after the test subject tried one two months prior, they are put down as a regular vaper. Despite these practices, however, we are beginning to see more reputable people conducting proper studies and should hopefully see more of the right facts coming to people’s attention.

    Certainly another big issue at the moment is that of vaping in public places and the bans that are being put into place in various buildings and institutions around the country. It was interesting being inside the Houses of Parliament where they had previously banned any use of ecigs. Even in a private office with no-one else there you are not allowed to use them. This shows a clear lack of foresight and disregard for the mountain of research and evidence to back up vaping in public spaces. The problem with their ban is that now many local councils and other associated organisations will follow their example in banning e-cigs completely and forcing vapers out with smokers. They are taking the framework that has been set-up for tobacco smoking and applying it where instead they should set up an entirely new framework.

    That leads to the question of what the vaping framework should be. Is it unreasonable for an employer to ban ecig use on their premises? Well in this there is no right or wrong answer. As was pointed out at the meeting, there is currently not enough evidence to say whether the vapour from ecigs is completely harmless, though we do know that it is far less harmful than second hand smoke and in fact works in a completely different fashion. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable for some places not to want their air filled with vapour. Employers should also be able to expect an element of professionalism from their employees who vape. You wouldn’t expect to see someone smoking at the desk of hotel, for example, so why should they be vaping? Yet, the biggest concern is that the bans send a message to the public and smokers who wish to quit. They give the impression that there is something wrong with these products, that they’re dangerous and not to be trusted. We want to encourage smokers to move to a healthier alternative, not make them too afraid to quit. We also want to send a message to the public at large that they should applaud people they see vaping, not demonize them, thinking perhaps that vapour is as bad as second hand smoke, which it isn’t. There needs to be a correct balance drawn up and a framework set in place to help people understand that ecigs aren’t anything to fear. It is to the government that we look to for this and so far they have set a bad example.

    We were also treated with a few words from Paul Hooper representing Warwickshire County Council Public Health and Lorien Jollye from the New Nicotine Alliance, but I shall talk more about what they had to say in a later post. Suffice to say that the meeting was very interesting and informative and I look forward to the next one in September where, hopefully, we shall have more information on Article 20 of the TPD and how it will affect us.

  • Do's and Don'ts of Batteries

    Here's a handy to chart to teach you exactly how to look after and use your Ecig batteries properly.


  • Too much Menthol







    Vaping too much Menthol Burst can really have that effect!
    Found at: http://forum.v2cigs.com/discussion/5256/vaping-memes-lets-see-them

  • Flavour of the Month - Kona Coffee

    This month's top flavour is Kona Coffee. When you need a pick me up in your E-Cigarette in the morning, this is just perfect. It mirrors the wonderful blend found only in Hawaiian coffee, smoky, deep and rich in texture and flavour. Fancy a change this month? Then pick up a bottle and get vaping!


  • Big Vape!


    This vaping geek might just win the next cloud competition!

    Found at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/474918723176039298/

  • What is E-Cigarette Vapour?

    When we exhale our cloud proudly after vaping, satisfied with ourselves and the impressiveness of the white behemoth spreading across the space ahead of us, we know we're having a good day. Ever since the conception of the E-Cigarette we've called this vapour. In fact we named the term 'vaping' after it. It makes sense, the E-Liquid is being heated until it becomes vapour which is then inhaled and finally exhaled. But the big question is: is it vapour? And if not, then what do we call it? I've obviously heard it called vapour, but also aerosol and particulate matter.

    In a regular definition of the term, vapour is the gas phase of a liquid. In a glass of water microscopic bits of that water are constantly evaporating into the air and that is “water vapour”. If the temperature of the liquid goes up then more of the water will begin to evaporate into the air as it gets hotter and hotter. This applies to anything that is liquid. So in turn this does mean that e-cig's “vapour” does contain some actual vapour, but it is still mostly in its liquid phase? Meaning it contains very tiny droplets of the liquid suspended in the air, not actually in a gas phase, being that they are “suspended” and are physically mixed with the air. This suspension in the air is not a vapour but an aerosol.

    Definitions of what an aerosol is usually include solid particles which are suspended in the air and not just liquid droplets. In fact, smoke could be considered an aerosol since it has both solid and liquid particles in it which are suspended in the air. So, in its truest definition, the material that an e-cig gives off should actually be called liquid aerosol, as the e-liquid does not completely vapourize, rather it leaves very tiny liquid particles that mix with the air around you. In regular circumstances, the area that you are vaping in allows for the microscopic particles to evaporate quickly, this is why the “vapour” disappears very quickly. You should also know that matter being labeled an “aerosol” also means it is stable enough to be one. With normal air conditions electronic cigarette “vapour” disappears rather quickly so it is not really stable enough to be called an “aerosol”. However, scientists often call the material “aerosol” despite it not being as stable as a usual aerosol, but it's still a practical label for it.

    But what about those who refer to it as 'particulate matter', in fact, what does that even mean? By the common scientific definition, it's anything that is suspended in an aerosol. Confusing right? With the definition of aerosol I've just given you this could lead someone to call the droplets themselves particles, however particles are actually objects, albeit very small ones. So you can't describe these droplets as particles at all. The problem with some reporters referring to E-cig vapour as particles is obvious as particles are solid objects that would cause damage were they to be inhaled, like the particles of tar that you inhale from tobacco cigarettes that build up in the lungs.

    So what, then, do we inhale and exhale from ecigs? I suppose, scientifically, it would be a liquid aerosol. Certainly not a particulate matter, but not entirely vapour either. Though don't worry, it's still not harmful.

    I think though, I'll still go on to refer to it as vapour and vaping. It just sounds better than liquid aerosoling.

  • The Legal Vape 4000 *Satire*

    A bit of satire on making Ecigs fit with the new ban. Not the best produced vid but very funny. There is some colourful language so do watch out for it. It does really highlight the ridiculousness of the bans and I couldn't stop laughing when he actually starts using it at around 3 minutes. Enjoy!

  • New Flavour of the Month

    Take a look at our brand new Flavour of the Month. RY-4 is the first ever flavour made for vaping and now we bring it to you at a great price. It's an interest take on the tobacco flavour for your e-cig, some love it and some hate it but it's definitely worth a try just in case you fall in love with it.


  • E-cig Regulation

    I had to share this cartoon as it perfectly sums up the ridiculous argument that the harsh banning and regulation of electronic cigarettes is currently being put forward under. I guess E-cigarettes are far more dangerous than most things that are currently ripping out planet apart.








    Found at: http://ejuiceconnoisseur.com/2014/04/30/even-more-funny-vaping-pics-vaping-memes/

  • Flavour of the Month - Coo Coo Coconut

    We now have a brand new Flavour of the Month, and we're all going coo coo about it. It's one of our best sellers, Coo Coo Coconut, a great taste to relax with as Spring rapidly approaches. It's a mild flavour, but one that will play on your tongue with the tropical taste of a Caribbean coconut. Vape away, and imagine you're lost on a deserted island this coming April, you'll be ready for that summer holiday in no time.

    Check it out for a special price now: http://www.volcano-ecigs.co.uk/e-liquid-coocoo-coconut.html

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