The Volcanoecigs Affiliate Program

Get Paid to do what you already do.

You’ve put a lot of time into building out a loyal following through a blog, website, social media profile, email list, or newsletter and you’ve probably already recommended us to your friends or family. So why not earn some cash for those referrals? Sign up for our affiliate program and start earning generous payouts by promoting a life-changing product from a brand you can trust.

Your first commission is just a few clicks away.

Why Should I Work With VOLCANO?

Top-Tier Commissions

We know you’ll be working hard on sending us trafficand it’s only fair to reward you for those efforts. Our commissions are set up in a tiered structure and our affiliate management team will work closely with you to help you meet all of your goals.

The more visitors and traffic you create, the more commissions and bonuses you receive. It’s that simple.

High Conversions

If you know Volcano, then you probably know our products and our reputation. We manufacture and retail the highest quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids and have a reputation built on trust and follow through.

That reputation has helped us build an impressively high conversion rate on our web traffic, currently hovering around 8%.

Guaranteed Payments

Our affiliate program runs on the highly trusted Impact Radius network. Impact Radius is independent from Volcanoecigs. This guarantees that any commissions you earn promoting our product is paid in a timely manner.

Impact Radius

“I was working with another electronic cigarette retailer for about a year before switching to Volcano. I had constant problems getting paid my commissions and was only converting about 2% of the traffic I was generating. Since making the switch, I’ve been able to get all of my commissions direct deposited and my conversions are up to 7%"


Professional Sales Tools

We’ve got all the right digital tools to help you promote our products and turbo charge your conversions and commission earnings.

FLASH Banners
GIF Animated Banners
Static JPG & png banners
custom links
url codes
and more...

Need help with some custom artwork? Drop us a line.

Sales Tools

Your first commission is just a few clicks away!